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We have lots of Premium Accounts For Sale, so, when you buy premium account from us, you can be sure that your payment will be secure. We offer cheap offers and cheap deal so that you can always enjoy our products at a discounted price.

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  • 1(914) 370-7290
  • 29 Nicolas str, New York, 987597-50
  • Yes youc can make the payments with Paypal, your Paypal account or Card information is not shared with us.
  • No ,Sorry we give 24h Trial only for IPTV service
  • Paypal, shoppy ,USDT ,Mastercard , VISA
  • Contact Me directly in whatsapp, choose your product and subscription and you’ll be redirected to the purchase gateway once your payment is completed.
  • Avoid logging in from too many devices, or changing any credentials (profiles, passwords, settings, billing info. etc). The more you are cautious, the more the account will last.
  • No. Our system detects abuse and bans users if abuse is detected.
  • We will see if the account is not working in that way we will replace you other account
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